Effortless 360° Microfiber Mop with Water-Separation Bucket – No-Handwash Floor Cleaner


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Discover the Ultimate Cleaning Experience

Introducing the revolutionary 360° Microfiber Mop with Water-Separation Bucket – the perfect solution for efficient and effortless floor cleaning. Say goodbye to traditional, labor-intensive mopping methods and embrace the ease of this innovative cleaning tool. Designed for the modern household, this mop offers a blend of convenience and deep cleaning, suitable for all types of floors.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Efficient Water Separation System for easy wringing without hand washing
  • Durable Hoisting Rod and Plastic Tray design for robust use
  • High Corrosion Resistance ensuring long-lasting performance
  • Strong Mop Rod capable of bearing weights over 10kg
  • Two High-Absorption Microfiber Mop Heads included
  • 90% – 100% Dehydration Rate for quick drying floors
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver, weighing less than 2kg

When and How to Use

Whether it’s daily spills or routine cleaning, this mop is your go-to companion. It works wonders on all surfaces, from tiles to laminate flooring. The mop’s round head reaches into corners with ease, while the water separation feature keeps it clean and efficient. Perfect for busy households, this mop reduces cleaning time significantly. Use it for kitchen messes, bathroom floors, or general living space upkeep.

Why Choose Our Microfiber Mop?

What sets this mop apart is its unique combination of features. The water separation system ensures that dirt stays out of your clean water, making your mopping more effective. The high-grade microfiber mop heads are not only super absorbent but also gentle on your floors. Plus, with the hoisting rod and sliding type wringing method, you can adjust the mop’s height and moisture level with ease, ensuring a comfortable and effective clean every time.

Product Benefits

  • Time-Saving and Effortless Cleaning
  • Hygienic with No Hand-Washing Required
  • Safe and Effective on All Floor Types
  • Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Use
  • Environmentally Friendly with Reusable Microfiber Pads

Ready to Transform Your Cleaning Routine?

Make the switch to a smarter, more efficient way of cleaning. Our 360° Microfiber Mop with Water-Separation Bucket is more than just a mop; it’s a game-changer in household cleaning. Easy to use, highly effective, and built to last – it’s the cleaning tool you’ve been waiting for. Order now and experience the difference in your cleaning routine!

Additional information



Steam Adjustment Function



Hook & Loop Type

Mop Rod Type

Hoisting Rod + Plastic Tray

Corrosion Resistance Grade

Grade 9.0-9.9

Mop Rod Load-bearing


Head Shape



With 2 Mopheads



Handle Type


Mop Head Material


Pole Material


Dehydration Rate

90% -100%

Mophead Quantity


Wringing Method

Sliding Type


Microfibre Fabric




<10 seconds

Brand Name



Mainland China



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